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>> The Show

The show consists of a group of street musicians who play Medieval Music in a completely itinerant format, appropriate to perform street processions in the medieval fairs, and public and traditional events.


Within the repertoire that Festinamus interprets there are songs with ancient origins, or at least with a strong old sonority, based on findings of medieval and Renaissance periods, but also issues current, which the company has arranged all adapted to the training proposed to achieve the feeling of being in the heart of the Middle Ages.



>> Formation

In its usual format, Festinamus proposes a quintet: a "gralla" without keys, a "gralla dolça" with keys, a "tarota", a small kettledrum with strainer and one big kettledrum. All this, in addition to some iberian percussion instruments and horns, bombards, and certain occasions is also used the "tenora".


It also offers a reduced format of the show, a trio: "gralla dolça" with keys, "tarota", and a drummer with two kettledrums.




Accompanying the group of musicians, we offer the possibility to incorporate show belly dancers (which can carry fire) and characters of the middle ages, juggling (which can carry fire) or stilts. See the "Custom shows"



>>Awards and Recognitions

The Festinamus musicians got the 1st prize in the competition of Grallers and Kettledrummers of Igualada.



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